Case Study


The challenge
C3s Head of Sound for the event had the complicated task of designing an invisible surround-sound PA system that delivers the punch and clarity required by the chart-topping performance artists and presenters in the cavernous space that is the Copper Box Arena in the Olympic Park.

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The solution
Our acoustic consultants designed a unique 5.1 surround sound system distributed across 12 separate hangs of speakers. Using digital matrix technology and a centralized control point allowed the sound engineers to literally throw audio around the arena according to the clients demands.

Services supplied
C3 provided technical services to the production team, including the design and installation of the audio system, managing all the sound cues and show tracks during the rehearsals. During the planning phase we helped create the rigging plots and CAD drawings. We also provided a long-range wireless comms system for the whole show team.

Toni & Guy
Toni & Guy
Toni & Guy
Toni & Guy
Toni & Guy
The event was brilliant.

Thank you for all your hard work.

Sacha Mascolo-Tarbuck, Toni & Guy
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